Hard Drive Not showing Up In Windows 7 (Any More)

As I was searching my issue I found this to be the most similar to my problem Hard drive not showing up in Windows

So my issue is I have a WD hard drive taken from an external enclosure(enclosure took a crap really quickly, like so many other WD externals) internally mounted. Its been 2 years now and I haven't had any issue. About 2 weeks ago I noticed it would disappear from Explorer, a reboot would fix the problem, but it would happen again, sporadically, even when not using the computer(tested). It then would no longer show after rebooting and hasn't shown for 3 days now.

The drive does not show in device manager, disk management, or EASEUS Partition Master. However, it does show in BIOS, It shows in ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z BIOS ASUS EZ Flash 2 Tool, it also shows when inside of Windows 7 startup repair or recovery. All files and folders show in both. At the time of issue there were no major system changes or minor system changes for that matter. I have updated the BIOS since the problem occurred, and everything is still the same, what was working is working, what was broken is still broken. I hope I have not left out any pertinent information, but I can update as need be. Hope someone can pinpoint the root of issue. Thanks In Advance.
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  1. You can't pinpoint anything with computers, unless you test.

    The first 2 things I always do is download the hard drive manufacturers test disk, and run a version of Linux from a disk.

    The test disk is pretty reliable for testing

    Linux will tell you if the problem is hardware, or software.

    If it will show in Linux, you can save your data,
  2. Thank you millwright for your feedback. The drive is showing in Knoppix. All files and folders are accessible.

    So now its confirmed in BIOS utility, Linux, and Windows 7 boot startup recovery. The hard drive is working perfectly fine.

    So my issue isn't with the hard drive its with my Windows system. Again, the hard drive does not show in Disk Management, My Computer/Explorer, Device Manager, or EASEUS Partition Master.
  3. I assume Easeas is running in Windows.

    I'd backup, and format, then do an install, (clean install).

    You can mess for days, cleaning and scanning, and not find all the problems.

    It is much faster, and a sure cure, to clean install.
  4. Yes Easeus is running on windows. I'm not so sure I'm ready for a clean install. I'm willing to wait it out until I can or someone else can come up with a solution. Thank You for your time millwright.
  5. Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Under heading 'Storage' click Disk Management.

    Does the drive show here?
  6. No, the hard drive does not show in Disk Management, My Computer/Explorer, Device Manager, or EASEUS Partition Master.
  7. Plugged a different WD 2TB hard drive to that same controller port and windows is showing it. Swapped it back out and nothing again.
  8. It has to be the drive or the way windows handle HDD vs other OS/Distros. Have you tired putting this drive in another windows machine?
  9. I'm going to try right now.
  10. yeah plugged it into a usb hard drive docking bay thing and hooked it up to my windows 7 laptop and it is most definitely alive and well.
  11. Quote:
    Double check in your Advanced Power Plan Settings to see if you may have the Turn off hard disk after idle option set to X amount of minutes. If so, change it to Never to see if that may help.

    Hard Drive power settings

    Credit goes to Brink at here is the thread

    Also another suggestion

    I have this exact same problem, Been scouring the web for any fixes and only find the ones you mention which I have also done. It seems to me to be a problem with the OS and not the HDD. I say this because when my secondary HDD disappears, I've tried disconnecting the Sata cable and power connection to it and reconnecting it with absolutely no effect. Rebooting is the only way to make the drive reappear. This means its the reboot of the OS and not the HDD that temporarily solves the problem.
    If you find a solution, please post, I've been dealing with this problem for months, and just recently it seems to have started doing the same thing to my primary SSD as well.

    *Update: I did some more searching and found a solution that finally worked. You need to update the BIOS on the motherboard and/or the firmware for the hard drive. I found this posted in this thread: I updated my BIOS and firmware and it completely solved the crashing and disappearing. I've had my computer running for 48 hours now and not a single problem.
    Posted by Bossmanchu on this forum
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    Updated the Marvell SATA Storage Controller (mv91xx) drivers. Now I am able to see the drive. Not sure if I can write to it as I'm still seeing an event in event viewer saying their is an error with the storage controller. At least its there.

    This is the Solution.
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