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I bought my M3 External USB hard drive last year. It has been working fine with my Windows 7 Professional till two days ago.
I have more than 300GB data stored on it and to hide the data, I created a Secret zone.
It successfully created Z Drive letter and I moved nearly all my valuable stuff onto Z drive. It took several hours to finish.
However, after move, Window no longer recognises the Z drive or the Original J drive that was already in use by USB.
Now I have none of these two drives.
The USB drive has the blue active light lit. I was blinking the first few times as if it is reading the data. However, it is now solid.
I used a MAC to check if it is recognised there. I was able to see old J:\Folder but of course there is nothing left after move.

I tried re-installing the driver and the Samsung Drive Manager that came with the USB drive. Unfortunately - it does not work either.
Any suggestion(s) to connect to USB and recover the data?
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  1. You could try removing the actual hard drive from the enclosure and buying a third-party enclosure for it.
    I suggest that because inside every external hard drive enclosure there's a PCB called a "bridge chip" which converts the drive's native interface to USB.

    This bridge-chip may have failed whilst the drive itself may be okay. A third-party enclosure will contain it's own bridge-chip so it's worth trying.
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