Do I need to upgrade laptop or buy a new one?

Hello. I need expert and experienced to solve my issue. I'm using Sony Vaio and just buy it recently last month. But now it keeps lag and getting more worse. It was very slow to perform task such as typing on browser, open folder/browser and play DVD. I try install standard game The Walking Dead, when done install and run it look smoothly but when I starting play it become lag. I'm new to laptop and this is my 1st laptop. Do I need to upgrade to make my laptop run a task and game smoothly? Or just find a new one? This is the link to my laptop specification Thanks and appreciate for answer.
Regards from Malaysia :)
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    Can't tell you about specific games, but that is one of Intel's slowest processors, and on-board graphics available.

    Gaming laptops are usually well over $1000

    The slow down is another issue.
    You can't upgrade much.
    You need a new laptop.
  2. Thanks mate. I think I'll find a new laptop and sell this :bounce:
  3. The 2gb of ram was definately not enough to start a game. I don't even think upgrading could make this into a gaming pc. Honestly...
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