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so basically, im working on a pc build that looks awesome. but i dont want to put a noctua in for the cpu cooler because that will defeat the purpose. i know it seems shallow to build a pc with looks in mind, but that is what i am doing. my colors are black and red in a white case, so a noctua will be off putting. i want the cpu cooler to be pretty much as quiet as a noctua at normal settings, but maybe still have the ability to do some slight turbo boosts on the processor. mainly, though, noise/performance are my main concerns.
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  1. sINCE YOU SAY FAN, I can't say to get a water cooler. Try a 212 EVO by Cooler MasteR?
  2. What is your price range? Why not look at a closed loop liquid cooler? They decent performance wise and definitely make the inside look a lot better IMO.
  3. Phanteks. It is just as good at cooling if not better than the noctua and you can get it in half a dozen different colors. It is almost as quiet (like 1-2db different at high) as the noctua too. Honestly I would be hard pressed to say if the noctua or the phanteks is better.
    Here's one color I like:

    And quit suggesting the 212 eve the OP wants a good cooler not some budget cooler. The phanteks is way quieter and quite a bit cooler. Its like telling someone to get an i3 when they are talking about getting an i7.
  4. What cpu and case?
  5. PH-TC14PE Red version

  6. Other than the before-mentioned Phanteks cooling solutions, take a look at some Be Quiet! products - they usually are all black, while being really quiet.
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