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How to rewire volume control on headphone wire? (replaced the plugin jack)?

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March 7, 2014 8:32:51 PM

Hello, i have a question on the wiring of headphones. i have a jack that belonged to the stock Samsung Galaxy SIII earphones and i have SOUL Transform headphones. they both have different colored wires and i was wondering if someone could identify them and tell me if i can hook up the wires so the volume control would still work with the new jack.


edit: i managed to get the actual stereo sound working but im still confused on how to get the volume control to work. i have a black ground wire (blue cord), the red and gold (white cord), and green(white cord)

edit: i found one of the volume control wires. it is the black wire from the white cord and it only works i i touch one of the stereo wires. the controller itself doesnt even work yet but i can control the music's pause and next feature by tapping the black wire to one of the stereo or ground wires. would i need to find the blue cords volume control now and connect them?

help with the last edit?

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March 9, 2014 7:47:49 AM

ok so i found the answer, you have to connect the black wire, from the white cord that activates the actual controls to the green and black wire from the blue cord. then take the black cord from the blue cord and hook it up to the red and gold wire from the white cord. then all works..... now only if i can get the headphones to c my android phone as an apple device because volume control only works for apple ;)