I need good mechanical keyboard

Hi I need a gaming mechanical keyboard
Preferably blue led but if not still good.I would like It to be black so matches with case
Also cherry mx color don't matter
Recommend whoever keyboard with whatever cherry mx keys
Lastly under $90 or lower but the lower the better
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    You won't find many mechanical keyboards for under $90 that are worth their salt in my opinion. Doing a quick search on Newegg I was able to come up with this:

    Now there are other sites that will sell you the higher end boards like

    I would highly recommend Ducky Channel they are an excellent company and their boards are really unmatched. Here is one of their popular Blue LED boards.
  2. If you can stretch your budget you could go with a Corsair K70, or a K90/95 if you want the highest end product.
    Personally, I have the K95 and it is a beast of a keyboard.
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