Windows 7 how many simultaneous Ethernet connections ?

Our PC needs to communicate simultaneously with more the 13 different devices over Ethernet. With a Server it is possible, but I ask the question whether it is possible in Win 7 Pro or Ultimate.

With Win XP Pro, it was possible to have up to 10 simultaneous Ethernet connections on the LAN Network (With Win XP Home it was max 5), but for Win 7 PRO (or maybe Ultimate?), I do not find how many simultaneous connections can be made...

Or another driver, or a second LAN Card…?

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks and best greetings
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  1. Apparently the limit is adjustable up to 50, possibly even in XP Home:
    With my Windows 7 Ultimate install, the default seems to be 10.
  2. Thanks MauveCloud,
    Is it really so easy ? :ange:
    Why on the MS Sites they always talk about maximum 10 connections and they do not say that it is still possible to increase this maximum ?
  3. I don't really have enough network-connected devices to test it myself, but since you say you do, it should be fairly easy to find out for yourself.
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