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Hey Guys.
I Have a Intel i7 2600k, i know it's old but I never had problems with it, well but my question is: I need to buy a new Ram, and today i think there are no compatible memories with my cpu because it's from the intel's second generation of processors, is it a problem to install a memory ram that says in the box that it isn't compatible?
Thanks for the help.
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  1. The RAM needs to be compatible with your motherboard. What is your motherboard?
  2. I dont know which model my motherboard is, i know it is a 2011 gigabyte. My EVEREST can't identify witch model it is, any other way of checking that out?
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    The 'old' i7 2600k is 1155 which usually run 240pin. Any modern ram will fit. You'll have to know your mobo to know the max. You'd probably be safe with getting a couple 4gb for 8gb total of 1600mhz ram.

    BTW the 'old' i7 2600k is still one of the best cpu's on the market!
  4. My ram is a 8gb already, i wanted to upgrade to a 16 gb.
  5. Pull it out and look at it. I'm betting 240pin.
  6. I would be hesitant to go faster than DDR3 1600mhz RAM.
  7. 16GB is probably OK.
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