how to take out desktop hard drive from 1 vista and put in 2nd vista?

have a e-machine with windows vista 32-bit...and i have a gateway with windows vista 32-bit system also but no harddrive.What im needing guidance in is i what to put the e-machine 1TB hd into the gateway pc becaue of it having mmc/sc card readers(there is 5 different slots) and it has a slot in front for a Gateway USB 3x5 portable harddrive(which only works with the Gateway HD you buy from them....can it be done?
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  1. No, for two reasons:

    1. The OEM license does not allow it. The license is tied to the first motherboard it is installed on and cannot be transferred to another except in the case of a motherboard failure.

    2. Unless the hardware is identical it won't boot. This will require a reinstallation.
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