Is this a good rig?

I am thinking of getting a gaming pc and am wondering if this is good or not. My friend is selling it to me and i am wondering how much it would cost at a store new, its in perfect condition (like new).

SYSTEM: motherboard- MSI 970A-G46
graphics card- gtx 660 oc edition 2gb windforce x2
powersupply- coolmax ZX 700w
hard drive- 1tb
he said it comes with a 50$ custom case
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  1. what cpu does it have
  2. also does it have ram
  3. amd fx 4100 quadcore
  4. i think he said 6 or 8 gb ddr3
  5. i would say after market prolly worth 400-450 if it comes with windows
  6. would it be a good gaming pc? and how much would it cost if i were to build it my self.....
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    building it yourself probably 550 -600 and it would be fine for gaming actually pretty well balanced for what it is
  8. k thanks for the quick responeces
  9. the weakness of it would be the cpu but as luck would have it you could wait for microcenter to have a sale and pick up a much better one for a decent price probably 60-99 bucks
  10. heres all the cpus that it supports
    fx 8320 was just on sale for 99 bucks the other day
  11. k thanks for the list
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