[Budget] $1500 Triple Monitor, Singe GPU Gaming/3D Rendering buiild

For any and all readers, whether looking to answer, sub or gain knowledge through this thread I hope you find what your looking for and you throw any of your 2 cents in to this topic for others to read aswell. Anyways Read on!

Alright this computers going to be used for some gaming varying from battlefield 4 and skyrim to dont starve and minecraft. It will occasionally be used for some 3D animating and rendering on 3D Studio aswell, And of course the daily photoshop, video editing, skype and other low demanding programs. I know it wont run everything perfect and will be far from the ultra settings on games but its the budget triple monitor setup. Other than that, I'm always happy to hear opinions, other options and alternative hardware.

Heres the PCPartPicker Link - Ignore the extra stuff; PVR, Keyboard and Mouse Mat.

If you dont want to hear or dont care about all the reasons each item was chosen than skip the red text section.

Reasons behind each part:
The Haswell I5 4670k was chosen because it accompanies the ASROCK Extreme 4 board well. It also is the cheapest I5 K series card which means it will easily be overclocked past 4Ghz and onward unlike the base I5 cards which are locked at their factory speed. Should provide us with a plentiful amount of speed to support the assisting hard ware and give us a good basis for almost all CPU demanding processes(especially after OC)

212 Coolers are known to be the best bang for your buck coolers. Thats what led the 212 evo to be chosen. Its affordable and effective coming in at 30 dollars compared to many 70 or even 80 dollar coolers that do the same amount of cooling. Plus it should fit nicely(thats what she said) in our NZXT Source 210.

ASROCK Extreme4 with its high constant ratings, much love from critics and plentiful amount of reviews go beyond just the ads to easily explain why this board was chosen. From its high power rating for easy and stable OC, high quality gold capacitors, user friendly BIOS, SLI Ready for future upgrades, and even nice built in audio are just a few of the reasons for this board being our choice. Take a few seconds to look at the many newegg reviews on this item and youll see many more behind this choice. Plus its sexy near black compliments any build ;)

The kingston Ram was obviously not a first pick. The much respected G.Skill series was. But I, among many believe ram is just ram. You cant really determine one ram type better than the other outside the minuscule benchmark differences. So ruling out the need for a name brand, we came to 1600 speed because its the median in DDR3 and speed really has no noticeable effect other than in tiny benchmark differences just like the brand names. So smaller ram speeds fell with in about 10 dollars of 1600; And the next level up(1866) was at its cheapest at 85 dollars. So we went with the price/effective ram. Kingstons 1600 Black 2x4gb sticks.

The Memory was totally personal preference. The original plan was a 1tb Hard drive with atleast 7200rpm to hold all our games, documents, miscellaneous files, etc. And then have a 64gb SSD to hold our programs and OS to give faster start up times. The 500gb hard drive was added later on when we found ourselves with a old build and removing it from that. But like we said this was all personal prefrence. The only hard fact we had behind choosing our hard drive was the need for 7200rpm.

The 770GTX was chosen because it is the cheapest card that can boast AA settings at still playable rates. On this benchmark for BF4, 5670x1080(triple 1080p screens) Is tested and you can see in all test, including even 4x AA the 770 is producing 30 frames per second. The asus was chosen because it comes overclocked higher than any other 770 coming in below $350 and has tremendous cooling power.

The much Loved NZXT Source series has found its home in our build because its very easy cable managing, strong and sturdy build, support for many gpu sizes well boasting a mid tower size. Also with its price tag it easily provides the best airflow for its price. Not to mention the additional fans that are going to be added that are taken into account in the part builder.(near the bottom) It also has support for a ssd, many hard drives and space for our single 5.25 drive. Its also sleek, modern and looks extremely nice ever since newegg has started selling the window version.

PSU was definitely a hard decision and the one you see in the list was about the 438th choice. But its most likely going to change in about 20 minutes so not to definite on this one. The reasons behind this one being chosen as of right now is 2 main reasons.
1. It supports everything we need at a cost effective price.
2. Its thin black cables will give us a clean look once all wiring management is done and will make fitting the cables behind the tray much easier.
Also we went with a non modular psu because its price is much cheaper at this point in time. The only comparative price for any semi modular or full modular ones would be the raidmax hybrids which are a joke when being called semi modular because their cables still extend from the psu a couple inches. Then they end and you basically plug in the extensions you need from there.

The LiteOn IHAS drive was implemented because its a cheap drive that can easily burn dual layer discs. And even that was a added luxury. Our base minimum would be something to download our physical cds and their software.

Windows 7... another personal preference.

The monitors were chosen because they all are IPS. Which will allow our colors to stay mutual between all 3, even when we find ourselves looking at them all from different angles. 1080p was also a must. Also a additional reason was these are one of the cheapest IPS monitors in their size/res area that have VESA mounts. Which we will use on a tri monitor stand but thats not necessary for others to follow that path as you can simply just use the stock stands.

Keyboard and mouse: Their shiny :p

and cheap...

Like i said, ignore the extra crap as thats all personal unnecessary items I have tossed on there to help me add to my price tag total.

Any help on the parts or suggestions would be great! As i said im not sure on the PSU still but pretty confident in the rest of the build but of course others could probably improve upon it. No items have been purchased other than the 770gtx. This is a 2cnd time build so im not to advanced with all this but hopefully I can get this together in the next month and post up along the way! :D

BTW: I said 1500 because im buying a lot of these parts cheaper say used or open box. Not to mention the fact I already owned a few parts. For others you could probably scavenge deals and edit parts a bit to undercut 1500 yourself.
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    seems alright, for a 1200 tower a 4670k and a 770 is about right.

    Changes would be to the PSU. Antec, corsair, xfx, seasonic and enermax are good names to go with.

    Also, the xigmatek gaia at $37 performs a bit better than the CM hyper212. I've been a fan of the hyper212 and own one, but the gaia is just enough better where it matters.
  2. Thats exactly how all my upgrades keep happening ^ "This is only 5 dollars more, why not?" I mean that motto brought me from a 800 dollar budget to here so why not further right? :P
  3. As for the PSU, my OCD is coming out and screaming when any bad sleeving or colored wire jobs are visible. Thats my issue and thats why I went with the Thermaltake because its smooth black rubber all the way to the ends.

    Im also aware that I could sleeve the PSU's my self which is pretty easy with a modular psu, but than i have to buy a modular psu...

    I know sleeving a non modular psu is possible, but it just confuses me on how to do so when it comes to the molex connectors and sata connectors. Say dash marks are wires, and O's are connectors: It confuses me when its like this: (PSU)-------o-----o----o----o
    How are you suppose to sleeve inbetween the connectors? Wouldent you have to cut the wire?

    If i knew how to sleeve a non modular psu then, I would have a much cheaper PSU and my OCD wouldent be so angry :D
  4. pretty much every decent PSU is sleeved in something, usually a mesh of some kind.
  5. Yeah but not all the way to the end usually like the one in my build
  6. I'm trying to do the same thing, a gaming/web work build with 3 monitor set up. Mine has exceeded this amount. My question is his GPU, I was under the impression he should at least have 4GB on the card since it'll be running on 3 monitors is this correct? Also my friend said if I was going to OC this CPU that I should get a water cooler rather than that 212, is this true as well?
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