$250 1080p or 1200p Gaming monitor

Can anyone tell me the best gaming monitor you can podsibly get with $250 dollars. Can be in 1080p or 1200p @ 120-140 hrz.
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  1. I would recommend an IPS with a lesser refresh rate-

  2. Get the dell U2412m. That is probably one of the best IPS you can get. Its also 1200p. It is only 60hz but I had an Asus 144hz monitor prior to this one but had to return it. The screen quality is absolutely horrible. I'm going to tell you right now to never get a TN panel monitor. It looks terrible after you use an IPS. Unless you absolutely have to have that 120hz. Your options are basically this: get a mediocre screen with terrible color accuracy but with 120hz or 144hz or get a outstanding near perfect color accuracy beautiful screen but 60hz. You can see image better then screen if you ask me and is definitely worth more for your money if you ask me. If you do get the Dell U2412m, I can almost guarantee you will like it. I play BF4 on it and it works perfect for it. If you read on CNET you will find that they do not look for refresh rate and claim it to be only recognizable by few people who really try and look hard. I am going to have to agree with them.
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