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i have a desktop pc using broadband internet via wire. recently my younger brother bought a laptop. so, he needs to use internet as well. now, i can buy any access point (TP link, D link etc) to make the internet wireless between desktop and laptop.

but what i need to know is which AP will be better to use as I need control the website access. i mean, i can block some harmful sites.
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  1. You might as well just buy a router and put it in front of your PC and the laptop. You can plug your pc into the router via wired and let the laptop access with wireless.

    In most cases people who need AP just buy a router and use only the AP part since a real AP costs more for some reason than a router. It will also be much easier to use a router than trying to configure your PC to act as a router.

    For filtering you need to look at parental controls feature or you can use something like opendns but that is easily bypassed.
  2. any suggestion for a router? How about TP Link TL-R402M router/ D Link DIR-803 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router? but dont know which one has parental control..
  3. You are going to have to read though the user manuals for the details. I only know certain models in the vendor lines. Parental controls and firewall features tend to be the same thing. Router that say firewall have more options but tend to be a little more complex to setup. The ones that only have parental controls are designed to be very easy to setup by non technical people. There really is no way to tell what the vendors mean by these words which is why you should download the manual for each and look though the security sections and see if they meet your needs.
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