CPU good enough for GTX 780?

Processor/CPU: AMD-fm-4200 Quad Core 3.3ghz
RAM: 8gb
HDD: 1tb
PS: 300w
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    300W PSU can't handle a GTX 780 lol!
    Just the card alone will take those Watts from the wall
  2. So I need to get a 650W PSU, what about my processor? Also my motherboard is MSI 760GMA-P34(FX) (MS-7641). I just want to know everything needed to run this smoothly, I already ordered the card.
  3. Recommendations are 600W +
    650W will take care that you PC won't shut down during gaming :)

    Make sure to get a XFX/ ANTEC or SEASONIC PSU

    I recommend Seasonic G 650W
    ( this one is kinda costy though )
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