MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti Gaming 2GB vs Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Vapor-X 2GB

I'm in the process of selecting a entry level graphics card and I can't choose between these two cards, I'm unsure of the price to performance comparison. Currently the GTX 750 Ti is $210 and the R9 270X is $260, is there much of a performance increase for the $50 extra ? And/or is there a better card for similar money ($200-$270 range), I'm from Australia so there'll most likely be a flux in prices to overseas,
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
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    The R9 270X is on pair with a GTX 760, therefore it's performance will be better than the GTX 750 Ti. Although there is some points to take:

    - The GTX 750 Ti is built with new Maxwell technology, which means it will consume less energy than the R9 270X
    - The GTX 750 Ti should produce less heat than the R9 270X
    - As far as has being shown, he GTX 750 Ti does not support SLI, so if you plan on running multiple graphics cards in the future, the 750 is not the way to go.

    I personally am liking the performance of my GTX 760, I dont know the price for it in Australia, here in Brazil the differente is like $70~80 (The R9 270X for 910~930, and the GX 760 for 980~1k)
  2. Go for the R9 270X, it's the best card in that price range. And there's a few stores selling them for as low as $229.
  3. I was able to get BestBuy to price match TigerDirect on the XFX R9 270X DD 2GB for 169.99.
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