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Hi guys

I currently have a i5 2300 on a pretty bad h61 asus mobo. I really want some good looking 8GB modules such as corsair vengance ram but they are all clocked higher then what my mobo accepts. Can anyone tell me if its possible to maybe downclock the memory to work on my pc and if so what modules should i buy?

PS. Im not silly I just cant get a new mobo and cpu right now so I wanna upgrade RAM first.... Thanks
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    If you put 1600Mhz RAM in h61 mobo, the RAM would be downclocked by mobo!
  2. But you can change XMP profile in BIOS and set 1600Mhz, my mobo also natively supports up to 1600Mhz but i've set XMP to 1866Mhz and it works at 1866Mhz!!!
  3. Thank you
  4. martimxx said:
    Thank you

    You're welcome :)
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