Crysis vs Crysis Maximum Edition ?! Multiplayer or Singleplayer extras ?

I am new to PC gaming and am looking at some past titles to play. I see there is a special edition to Crysis 1 which looks to have to expansions? Are these worth the extra cost? well my main question is it jusy added online gaming or are theyre actual single player campaignes? My only real interest is the single player modes for now. I can get it really cheap for plain on Crysis on eBay, just wanna know if the MAX is worth extra?

Thanks to all help.
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    Crysis Maximum edition includes the original Crysis, and the expansion pack Crysis Warhead. Crysis Warhead includes a single player campaign that lasts about 5 hours. The maximum edition also includes the multiplayer only Crysis Wars, though I'm not sure if anyone's still playing it.
  2. AwesomeSauce!

    Thank you very much.

    Solution! : )
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