need help to get the newest drivers for MaximusVI Hero

I need help to under stand exactly which drivers i need to install from the Asus support page.
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  1. Just download what you are going to need, like Intel Lan Driver, Bios (if you want to update bios), chipset, usb, sata, audio, and vga. Utilities are optional in my opinion, unless you would want to use it for overclocking or some sort :)
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    Normally, you need only to install the drivers that come with the motherboard driver cd.
    They may not be the absolute latest. If you have some issue, then go and get the latest drivers from ASUS.

    Do not simply install "all" or you will get many apps that you may not want. Install drivers only.

    Updating the BIOS always has the possibility of bricking your motherboard. Do so only to fix a bothersome problem.
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