B85M-E33 is it good

So i am buying new mobo and cpu and i went with i5 4670 and b85m-e33 and 8gb ram so i am wondering if this motherboard is good enough to pull the max from cpu ( w/o overclocking) and my gpu ( 550ti maybe latter upgrade to 750 ti or 760 but that;s down the road ) on 1080p resolution in games and rendering . Thanks in advance !
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    Any B85 chipset motherboard will do the job.
    The b85m-e33 is OK, but it looks like a sparsely optioned motherboard.
    ECS is a decent brand, and this one offers more for less:
  2. That is prolly a good MB but it has the B85 chipset, which is a business orientated solution. IMO, a better choice would be the MSI H87M-E35:

    See this side by side comparison:

    You get an extra PCIe slot, 4 more SATA III ports, 2 front USB 3.0 ports, 2 more USB 3.0 ports on the rear, and more.

  3. Here is a comparison of the B85 vs. H87 chipsets.
    The notable difference is no raid on B85 which I think is no loss.
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