1400p vs 1200p vs 1080p? For gaming. High end.

I'm not much of a nerd when it comes to monitors, and honestly said I don't know much. What's the difference between each monitor with different pixel numbers? I mean like, is there a perfomance difference or? Thank you.
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  1. It's all about the resolution, the higher the better the end result, but keep in mind that for higher resolution you also need a better rig to support it. Except resolution, one other thing to take into account is the refresh rate of the monitor, the higher the refresh rate the smoother it is, BUT you need a more powerful rig to keep up with refresh rates like 120 or 144hz.
  2. Okay my set-up is:
    Intel Core i7 4770K 3.5GHz (Going to OC it)
    Geforce GTX 770 2GB (Going to OC it too)
    8GB RAM
    100GB SSD
    1TB HDD

    - What monitor would you recommend? It's for high end gaming.
  3. It's pretty much what you prefer really, but if i was you, i would go for the 1080p, the quality is of course good and with the card you have you will be able to play almost all games on high graphic settings, while choosing a higher res monitor, you might not be able to play on high settings that many games.
  4. I'm only going to play World of Warcraft, so is it still 1080p or? ^^ - BTW thank you alot for your help man.
  5. If you only play WoW, the GTX 770 is a bit of an overkill so you could go for a higher resolution monitor, BUT if you decide in the future to play a more demanding game, then on the higher resolution monitor you will not be able to have as high settings as in the 1080p one.

    But the 1080p is pretty good for WoW and (in my opinion) for most of the games out there.
  6. Okay I get that man awesome replys you're spitting BTW. Thank you alot. Does that mean that with my overkill GPU, I'd get a better picture from a 1200p monitor then a 1080p monitor? Or would it just be as good as the 1080? I'm not quiet understanding, but I get alittle of what you're saying.
  7. I got it! It'll give me a better picture, but I'll loose some perfomance choosing 1200p instead of 1080. Choosing 1080 I'll get a slightly worse picture, but slightly better perfomance, right?
  8. Yes, but not in WoW. In WoW you should have the same performance no matter if its 1200p or 1080p because the game is 10 years old and your GTX 770 is an overkill for it. You will have less performance on more modern games, like lets say Crysis 3, or Battlefield 4 etc.
  9. Okay, I see what you're saying. You learned something new today, which research couldn't teach me. Awesome man, credit to you.
    - Although, I watched a YouTube video with the 1200p and 1080p options, honestly I couldn't see any difference. Though from 720 -> 1080, there was a magnificent change in display.
  10. You learned me something new today*
  11. You didn't see any difference because probably your current monitor doesn't support 1200p, also don't really expect to see much in a video, because videos always have worse quality than the actual thing. Hope i helped you with your decision.
  12. Ooooh I see. Thank you, man. You def did. Awesome.
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