pc lags every few seconds

every few seconds my pc lags for 3-4 seconds and the it jumps back to normal... i usually play cs 1.6 nd get a fps of 65-70 and suddenly fps drops tp 10-15 and then jumps back to normal in 3-4 sec.
i use windows 7
2 gb RAM
intel p4 - 3.06 ghz
intel g331 - 256 mb graphics
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    With that integrated video CS 1.6 won't deliver you a constant 100fps, most likely it drops every time you're close to several teammates / enemies or when getting close to a smoke.

    Maybe you used to get a more constant FPS but with recent patches steam has "improved" some graphic details (unnoticeable imo), but those patches have had a negative impact in FPS stability.

    So... if you want a constant FPS in game, you need to get yourself a dedicated graphic card.
  2. I suspect your 2gb of ram is not sufficient.
    If you activate task manager check out the demand paging rate.
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