Cloning a hard drive without the drivers

I wish to know if there is any way to clone a hard drive through a program so that when you clone it the drivers are not included. Im building a new system and want to clone my hard drive over but the hardware is very different. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Even if there was a way, I wouldn't recommend it. It won't be nearly as stable.

    You can use some Windows programs, like Windows EZ transfer, to carry over your files and personal settings.
  2. Hi

    Do some research on using sysprep (Microsoft tool)

    You run it on PC just before shutting windows down for last time
    Then clone hard drive and put it into different PC
    It attempts to run hardware detection again on new PC

    Alternative some versions of Acronis disk image can do something similar
    Last time I tried sysprep it worked on laptops from one batch but failed on another batch with a slightly different spec
    I never tried Acronis in anger

    I have taken a hard disk with w7 from AMD chipset & CPU to Intel chipset & CPU by removing hard disk controller drivers from registry just befor shutting down & moving hard disk

    Is this for one PC or a batch of PC's ?


    Mike Barnes
  3. Sysprep might do it.
    "You must not use Sysprep to reconfigure an existing installation of Windows that has already been deployed. Use Sysprep only to configure new installations of Windows."

    But with radically different hardware, a fresh install is recommended.
  4. Very good threat, now that I know it's quite risky I won't try to clone my SSD without hardware drivers.
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