Whats the best 1155 gaming mobo?

Going to upgrade my 8150 to an i-5 3350p. What's the best 1150 mobo to pair with that and a GTX770? Theres so many to choose from.
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    If you want i5-3350p you need LGA1155 board like Asus P8Z77 and if you want i5-4570~4670(k) then you need LGA1150 board like Asus Z87-A
  2. Tell me your budget and i'll do my best!
  3. I'm going with the 3350p cause I don't want to overclock it. Not worried about the cost of the motherboard, just want to get the best one. If I had to set a limit, I would say under $300
  4. So Asus is the best?
  5. I'd look to Asus or the Rock...but with that CPU it's a waste to get a higher end mobo, you can't really OC, you'll be limited to 1600 DRAM, if you try and go high end with SLI or XFire the CPU can end up throttling them, something like the Asus P8H77-M LE would be plenty, though if you want to go Z77, best selling and best rated is the ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
  6. 12pak said:
    So Asus is the best?

    Yeah get what Tradesman1 said! :)
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