My cable and internet are working fine, but my motorola wireless router is suddenly not working

Situation: I live in Chicago, but have a condo in Arizona that a rent out. The cable at the condo was not working, so I called Cox and they reset the cable box. After they reset the cable box, the cable started working fine, but my wireless router stopped working. Cox said that there is nothing they can do because I did not buy the wireless router from them (it is a motorola). Cox did say that it was something with the settings on the router. The tenant at the condo already tried reseting it, and unplugging it/plugging it back in.

Mission: Get the wireless router to work.

Execution: Does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix the problem? It is difficult being several states away, but if there is something I can tell the tenant to try, or exactly what needs to be fixed in the settings would be very helpful. Thanks.
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  1. if the bill was late paid the isp may have turned off the cable and modem remotely. if they did turn off the cable modem there system will bounce the mac info of the modem in till on there end they take the block off or reboot the modem from there end. I would call cox and ask for a level 2 or 3 tech. ask them to see if they have the right mac info for that cable modem and to have them reset the modem from there end. I have comcast and my own modem. all i had to do was give them the right mac info for my modem. on comcast side they can turn off or reboot the modem from there end if they want too.
  2. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, it is just the wireless router, not the modem. I forgot to specify that. The tech from Cox said there is nothing that they can do for the router.. maybe it will be a good idea to invest in a wireless router from Cox to prevent this problem in the future.
  3. have them plug a pc into the router hard line and see if they can get online. if they cant have them check that the cable modem (pc link light is one and the data link light is blinking). showing the modem is online and sending data. have them check that the cable modem plugged into the wan port on the router. if they can get online with a hard line of the router.
    have them log into the router on most hardware. have them check that wifi is turned on and that wep or wpa is turned on. (you dont want people to leach). also make sure the wifi is sending out a ssid name. if there in a condo have them try another wifi channel sometimes there too many routers on the same channel they can knock each other out.
    if the router shows up but cant log onto it try taking off wep and see if you can log on if that happens then the router may be going bad. (it cheaper to pick up a newer n unit then renting from the isp. ) in a year worth of renting you can buy most routers today.
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