SSD Host Writes per day exploded

I've a 256G SSD; in the first 13 months, CrystalDiskInfo reported total host writes of 1.4TByte or 3.5GByte/day. In the last 10 days, it accumulated 2.3TByte or 230 GByte/day.

I'm not aware that my use pattern changed by any means. I've the Windows page and hibernation files on the drive, but otherwise I re-routed most writes to my conventional hard drive. I've accumulated (according to CrystalDiskInfo) 50GByte over dinner time, but Windows Task Manager reports total I/O writes at maybe 3GByte (eyeballing the total of the column)

I'm puzzled - any ideas?

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  1. Turn off hibernation
    Check Task Manager and see if there are any weird processes running.
    How much free space is there?
    Reboot and start CrystalDiskInfo again. Might be a glitch with that.
    Virus and malware scan
  2. Interestingly, Samsung's SSD Magician reports a SMART value for Total LBAs Written as 3'128'633'529, whereas CrystalDiskInfo reports 7'423'669'920

    Will check with a few more tools ..

    Thanks, USAFRet; but Hibernation is not at play, as over dinner time, it didn't hibernate ... free space is around 30%; I rebooted many times over the last 10 days, so that can't be it either ...
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