Can't access harddisk partition on external HDD


I have a problem with a harddrive I'm trying to fix for a friend of mine. When it was in her laptop I couldn't enter windows 7, just stuck on a blue windows screen (Not BSOD just windows background) with mouse cursor.
Then I tried putting in a Windows 7 disc, boot from that and try to repair, when entering repair I got a stuck at the screen again (waited for an hour).
Figured it was Windows acting up so I unplugged the HD and put it into my computer as an external HDD. I got 3 partitions, PQService (12 GB), System Reserved (100 MB) and Local Disc (RAW). When mousing over or clicking on the Local Disc the whole system just goes into super slowmotion with everything that concerns harddrive data. And Computer/Explorer is just stuck there (I can open other explorer windows as long as they don't have anything to do with harddrives).

Pretty darn weird I thought, figured I would try a Chkdsk in elevated CMD, so I did a chkdsk H: /f, and it just stuck with a blinking "_" nothing else happens.
Figured I would try testdisk to try and write the partition table in case it had been corrupted seeing as it is a RAW partition (Or it looks like one, I can't verify in Disc Management since that's stuck in verifying virtual disc).
I managed after a lot of waiting to get it into HD Tune Pro, did an error scan and everything was OK, but nothing shows in the Health tab, I mean the tab is completly blank :/

So what's a guy a to do with this HD? I mean the other partitions I can enter for some wird reason, PQService partition works just fine :/

Any help would be much appreciated!

- Jens

Links to pictures of HD Tune and Explorer
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  1. After doing several tests that showed the harddrive still functioning with SMART functions etc, the same tests now show the harddrive as bricked! So I figure it's a lost cause :(
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