Help me build a gaming computer? Already have the graphic card and hard drive

I've been doing so much research but there are just so many things to learn, I would really like some help if possible.

It has to be able to run Autodesk Maya 2014, hopefully higher end games as well.

I have a budget of $300, $350 max.

EVGA GeForce 7800GTX is the graphic card I have and will be using.

500GB Hard Drive. I'll be using this since I already have it.

I'll be getting all my parts from NCIX.

I don't know if this is asking to much or not but I would love the help.
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    You are really going to need a better graphics card for any recent games. That card was released in 2005, and is sadly quite outdated. You're also going to need a 64-bit CPU and Windows 7 or 8 professional edition.
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