should i wait and just upgrade my amd phenom

I can do a deal and save me money/and wait to see where the cpu road maps go for intel and amd. I currently have this set up; I need help seeing if my upgrade will punch harder or just bottleneck choking on its own while the TDP laughs at it.
All in all my 6 year old cpu and cheap mobo still hit the spot, but I need debating definition; let's go community:

My rigger:
Hp htcp m8400f tower
Windows vista home premium 32 bit
Asrock n68c-s ucc
Amd phenom 9500(TLB patch off 9550 speeds) 6/10
4gigs ddr2
Rocketfish 500w psu
Galaxy 670 gc 4gigs vram

At that here are my benchmarks for games(note 1080p maxed/adaptive vsync 60fps):

Mafia 2: 56
Just cause 2: 38-60
Ghost busters: 42-54
Fear3: 60
Far cry 3: 29-44
Driver san francisco: 60
Metro 2044: 44-56
Dirt3: 54
Metal gear revengence: 32-54
New Dawn demo: 24

All the rest pump 60fps

I see I can game to an extent, but I will mention on physics demos I am capped around 46fps and as you see for the new dawn demo my next gen fps is 24. Everything else I listed can't be said for as there respectfully 3/4 next gen quality running on ddr2. With an upgrade to a new phenom I could pull ddr3 out.
Here is the problem I could find an amd phenom 2, but will it make a difrence on my mobo(I only have pcie x1 16)? Will I really need to upgrade my ram? Will an amd 1065t really take on my mobo? I have found one forum where the mobo was running it, but he had mobo failure after a year or so. I could opt and go for a 95w 1055t; that is on the list. There is no way I am hitting the 1045t it's on a 8/10 where's the rest are 9/10 and the 1065t is so much closer to a 10 according to game debate. No upgrading mobo now due to the dieing off am3+ and intels killing off there mobo solutions to often. Anyway if I could just keep this mobo and do decent enough with just a cpu/ maybe ram upgrade it will save me $$$'s. Now would the upgrade take some more aggressive advantage of my galaxy gc 670 4gigs vram?
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  1. Here's asrocks page to reference the mobo

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