Did I kill my CPU?

I'm new to computer hardware, and wanted to try to upgrade the CPU on my desktop. Before I ordered the new CPU I wanted, I wanted to make sure that the motherboard I had would work with it. However, I thought that I had to fully remove the CPU to find out. I noticed the port type later, put the CPU back in; then tried to boot up my desktop, but nothing would show up on the screen. All the LEDs and fans worked, but it was as if there was no HDMI conecting the tower to the monitor? Is my current CPU destroyed?
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  1. Hopefully it's just installed incorrectly.

    - Make sure it's seated in the socket properly
    - Make sure the heatsink is secured
    - Take it all the way out and check for bent/broken pins
    - Get new thermal paste (costs like $10) and apply some to the CPU.

    If you've made it this far it's probably broken. Hopefully it wasn't an expensive processor.
  2. After you removed the heatsink with fan did you clean the top of the cpu and the bottom of the heatsink and then apply a fresh coat of thermal paste?
  3. you need to make sure you did not touch any pins just to be on the safe side and re applied thermal paste after removing the old one and you need to be very careful with the processor as it is a delicate component and should not be played around with (not saying you were).
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