Gateway DX4200-09 front USB

I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could get a replacement USB from the front of the case. They don't make the part anymore and I just want to replace it. It could be used, I don't care. I just want one that fits in the case. Could anyone tell me where I might find one? They seen to not exist.

Thanks so much
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  1. take a look at the case and how it connected. if it connected as a small header wit ha few screws and a cable you may be able to use one of these and pull it from the tray.
    if not use one of these as the replacement to the broken port if the pins are snapped off.
  2. They make USB ports that fit in the expansion bays in front.

    There are some USB 2.0 on the list, most are 3.0 now.
  3. I will look into that. Thanks. I would absolutely try it with my computer but its not mine and they are somewhat nervous about me messing the job up. I want to try it though
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