Asrock extreme3 won't power on.

Everything is set up, only problem is it won't power on, all fans spin as I switch the power on the PSU switch to on for a tiny moment, but the power button doesn't seem to work. Sorry that I can't write much, I'm on my phone right now haha, I'll answer anything however.

Specs: FX 6300
HD 4650
2x4gb of corsair vengeance ram, 1600mhz, 9-9-9-24
Corsair cxm 600
Asrock extreme3 990fx

All help greatly appreciated for this first timer!
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    Check the PSU cable connection on your motherboard; I had the same issue when I assembled my system and I had a loose connection there. It can be a very stiff connection so make sure the clip on the side of the cable has clicked into place.
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