please help, ive reset my computer to factory settings then wanted to reinstall windows 7 home premium back on through the ACE

Computer definitely not working and need help from someone who knows this problem or any suggestions please
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  1. Your question makes no sense. Please clarify.
  2. Well my desktop was just freezing so I went to factory settings and clicked the backup on to (ACER(C:)). I waited for a short amount of time while it said it was backing up then it went straight to the factory settings. I try to turn my computer back on and the only thing I get to is 'Setup is starting services' and at that point I get the error message (Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation.)

    It wont go to desktop and cant seem to find a way of getting an internet area to download something to repair this problem. Also when I received this computer I had no disks with it to restore system or backup system and no information either. Please help I am completely stumped!
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