What do I do after I put together my PC

I am building my first custom PC and I was wondering what do I do once I put it together. Do i just put the OS disk in or what. Also I heard you have to do things with bios. What is bios. Thanks for helping
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  1. Well you just put in the OS disk inside your CD-Drive and follow the instructions on screen. I didn't go into the BIOS for mine and i had no problems, BIOS are in your motherboard and you can usually access your BIOS by hitting the Delete key right when your PC shows its first screen. Then after you install the OS, your good to go and can do whatever you wanted to do with your build.
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    Bios is the firmware of the motherboard and allows an advanced user to tweak settings to improve performance or stability. All motherboards bios is at default auto-detect settings when bought, so theres nothing that needs doing besides changing the boot order for your hdd's, cdrom's etc.

    Press delete to enter bios just as the computer is powered on, may need to wait a couple seconds but repeatingly hitting delete will help.

    After the computer is built, the next step is installing the operating system. If the operating system is off a CD, will need to enter bios and change the boot priority so the system knows to load and install from the CD. After operating system has finished installing, change the boot priority to the hdd it was installed to. This will just tell it to boot straight from hdd instead of cdrom.
  3. Its been awhile since installing an os, so possibly the cd will auto detect anyway. Try it, if it doesnt boot from cd straight away then change the boot order.
  4. you can mess with the bios to check that it's running at the right speed, all memory has been recognised etc, and that your CD/USB drive is set as a boot device such that you can actually start the OS installation media.

    Other than that, no not really, the next thing to do is switch it on and enjoy the flames ; )
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