Headphones with microphone problem. (Wrong Section?)

Hello! I just bought a headset with a mic on it so i can talk to friends. The headset is called NK 2000, made by nakamichi. When I bought it, it looked sketchy because it didn't look like a microphone was on it, but it says it has one. It only has one 3.5MM male conecter, so i cant have it in the speakers and the microphone. When its plugged into the speakers, the speakers work just fine. When i plug it into the microphone, the microphone doesnt work. Ill test the mic and it will jump up if i tap the headphones, but wont when i talk. Is there an adapter or spliter i need to plug it into both the mic and speakers? Is this just a piece of crap i need to return? Any help would be awesome. Im also testing the mic in skype. Thanks
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  1. hey,

    only one 3,5mm connector means that its only for audio, if it would have a functioning microphone too it would have a second 3,5 mm connector or an usb connector.
    i think it's best if you return it and look for something else.

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    does the headset end look like this?

    what you bought might be a headset used for phones if its 4 pole.. in which case it might work if you use a 3.5mm phone headset to pc 3.5mm adapter.

    i found the nk-2000 on amazon and the back of the package specifically says it has a mic and the in line controller can adjust it. see:

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