4770K and Corsair H100i extreme heat! HELP

So im gonna be quick here.

In stock speed 3.5 my 4770K gives 30-32Temp on IDLE.

In stock on PRIME95 its over a 100Temp, that absurd.

What is happening, i used to overclock my 2600K with 4.5 and in PRIME95 get 80Temp max.

I assume 4770K is the worst overclocking chip ever, am i right???

And i get like 70Temp playing BF4 thats just ridiculous.
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  1. Haswell may run hot but that is too much for stock. Try reseating and repasting your cooler.
  2. Sounds like a bad application of thermal paste, how did you apply it?
  3. It comes pre applied by corsair
  4. Did you clean it off the CPU?
  5. I didnt reaplied.
    I will not try this now, i ill stick with the temperature for now.
    Too much work
  6. Best answer
    Yeah, and replacing that CPU will take a lot of work too. It's not hard. Pull it out, rub it off with a coffee filter or something and some rubbing alcohol, reapply it, stick it back on. If you're too lazy to reapply it, you can deal with the consequences of a destroyed CPU.
  7. I will in a week perhaps.

    It took about 4 days to get my pc running and its working so beautiful now that i dont wanna touch it =D

    I asked cause i tought that i had a bad cpu or cooler or something like that
  8. It's not running beautifully, it's running awfully and you're going to damage it. No, it probably won't break in a week, but you do not want to risk it, I mean Intel says the max temp is 60c, you're fine up to 75, but 100 is just way too high. It's just dumb to reuse thermal paste, and it seriously is not difficult to reapply. I'd be happy to link you to a very thorough guide that makes it easy, or walk you through it myself. It takes me about three minutes to reapply thermal paste.
  9. I think u got it wrong.
    I will reapply the thermal paste someday.
    And the 100 degrees are only on prime95
    On idle its 30 and running bf4 its 70 max so its ok for somedays.
  10. You clearly said "in a week", and 100 degrees on prime95 means you will reach 100 degrees while gaming eventually.
  11. Yeah i will solve it when i have time.
    I think o screw it too hard or too soft. Dont know i will reapply tomorrow. Im getting worried now hahaha
  12. No, no, you have to wipe off the old paste with rubbing alcohol, apply a thin layer of new paste, and reapply the heatsink (that you also cleaned the paste off of).
  13. Yeah of course
  14. So do that.
  15. lol:pt1cable: :ptdr:
  16. ok ewok93 i reapplied 3 times a silver thermal paste, and nothing same temps.

    First time i tried with a little more paste and tight screws.
    Secont time less paste(equal to the right amount) not so tight screws. I got higher temps.
    Third time less paste(equal to the right amount) and tight screws.

    Im so sad that i have this problem, a perfect rig and so many problems. =(

    So im left with two toughts, or the cpu is bad or h100i has a problem.

    I felt the tube vibrations, both are running.

    Checked the coolers, both are spinning.

    PS When i have time again i will try with the stock cooler.

    PS2 Right amount of thermal paste for me is between a cooked and an uncooked grain of rice.
  17. Some other toughts?
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