New ram wont work, but no beeps.. old ram still works

Hey have an old gateway, essex2 motherboard celeron 2.4cpu, tried upgrading to max out the ram, had 246 infineon, put it two matching 512 elixir sticks, ddr 2700 on all involved sticks, should be compatible right? I'm at a loss. I put the old one back in and it works like its old slow self
I know its a dinosaur but its not my main comp, use it for recording software.

I'l be more specific the infineon is 256, ddr333 pc27000u-25330-A0 also have cl2 5 , 32mx64 SDRAM marked on it
elixirs are both 512, ddr 333, pc2700u-25330 also have cl2 5 marked on them

infineon says hys64d32300gu-6-b and elixirs m2u51264ds8hb3g-6k

these should work right? can I troubleshoot this ?
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    They should work. You should try one stick at a time in case one is bad. You should also check the memory settings in BIOS to make sure they are set to AUTO. If nothing else helps reset CMOS to see if that does the trick.
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