What's the best RAM speed for AMD FX-6300 and GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 ATX AM3+?

1600MHz? Or what speed then? Also, would you recommend me to get a better AMD FX (8 cores instead of 6) and just get a worse mobo or leave it as it is?
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    Not much of a question really what are you planing on applying the system to?

    For gaming unless your running a APU then the gain from Cas 8 to Cas 9 or 1600mhz to 2000mhz ram really isn't that huge... 1-2%. On non APU's I grab 1600mhz ram and just O.C unless you can find a good deal on Cas 8 2000mhz...good luck with that though. For gaming as well running FX 8 or 6 core again isn't much of a difference as gaming still doesn't use the full potential of having more than 4 cores. If you O.C heavily then you end up shutting down cores regardless.

    FX-9590, 9370, 8350, 8320, 8150, 6350, 4350

    All O.C ed will give you about the same fps
  2. Not an APU, no... A FX-6300. The use would be gaming... Yeah, I just thought the same that 1600MHz is enough. And no, I won't OC anything.
  3. 1600 will suffice for gaming, but as mentioned above there is no gain going from CL8 to CL9, actually it's a loss, you want lower CL not higher. Look for 1600 with CL9 at a minimum (it's entry level for today's systems. The GSkill Snipers and Ripjaws X lines are my favorites for AMD rigs
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