Ok so I took my first crack at building my own computer and I have run into a problem. The computer is built and runs except a

Looking for some helpful advice
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  1. To give advice, we'd have to actually know what the problem is. Please restate in the text, not the title.

  2. Yeah I'm completely new so I had thought that was where to post the problem. Anyways, so I built my computer and now I'm running into a problem where my screen randomly goes black and says HDMI in the top left corner of the screen after it flashes a couple times it pops back on. I have also encountered VIDEO_TDR failure. I am running windows 8 with Zotac Geforce Gtx 650. Suggestions?
  3. Just make sure the monitor is set up right. I don't have any other specs to work with here.
  4. It sounds like a monitor cable isn't attached securely, or there is something wrong with the monitor.
    Did you download the latest drivers for your video card?
    This is for your video tdr failure:
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    TDR is the Timeout, Detection, and Recovery component in Windows. What happens is the Graphics Display driver for the installed graphics card stops responding. When this happens, windows will stop and restart the driver to fix the problem.

    The most common reason for this issue is that the graphics device is being overloaded or used beyond its capabilities.

    This happens most often when playing graphic intensive games, but can happen with any process that uses a large amount of graphic resources, such as when editing or creating videos.
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