New build. Display worked with first boot. Now nothing,

Hi all.

Could you please help me out?

Yesterday I completed my build. After finishing I turned it on and it worked perfectly. I was able to install windows without any problem, but by the time I got around to that it was late so I turned it off as soon as I finished installing windows and didn't get much time to do anything else.

This morning I moved my PC from the room I was setting it up in and into my main PC room. After turning it on the screen remains blank. The monitor displays no signal but the PC itself is on. I have a TV next to my monitor and tested the connection on both TVS to no avail. I switched out the cable and tried another but that was also fruitless.

I checked the power cables inside and they are all plugged in and secure. The only thing I did today was adjust the cabling around the CPU fan so it doesn't get damaged and I attached the SATA cable for my 1TB HDD as I used an SSD to install windows. I have since disconnected the SATA from the HDD.

I don't have a speaker inside my PC so I can't hear the beeps. What else can I do? Any ideas?

Another note, is there a way to turn off the PC that is safe and won't damage anything. It's mighty difficult without a displays.

Thank you all.
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  1. Never mind. I found the solution myself. I had the HDMI cable plugged into the intel slot and not the NVidia ones. I feel a bit of a fool for not realising sooner.
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