GTX 750 ti 2 gb hddr5 with duel core prossesor

I'm thinking of putting a gtx 750 ti in my current pc. Would my CPU matter on graphic preforming. It has a Duel core intel pentium D 3.00 ghz CPU. What kind of settings would be playable and look decent for example Crysis 3 on medium graphics 1080p with so and so frames per second. or what cpu would i be able to upgrade to thats around $100 with the same socket as my current cpu.
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  1. Hi. I don't have alot experience with CPU's and GPU's but i can tell you that a CPU can "bottleneck" a GPU. It happens when you have a CPU that can't handle the full potential of the GPU.

    I would recommend getting a new CPU, because yours is pretty outdated. You won't get that good FPS in Crysis because the game is pretty CPU intensive.

    I looked up your processor and checked what GPU's that would be good for it and as i understand it, the GTX 750ti will be bottlencked pretty heavily.

    Also, remember to check if your powesupply can handle it. Without enough power, an epic rig won't do much good.
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