MOTHERBOARD: Fan plug-up solutions for cases with large number of fans

Hi guys, I'm a noob. I am putting together parts for building a new PC.

My case comes with a bunch of fans, but I don't think my motherboard will have the right plugups for all the fans. I have a cx600m power supply.

I want the X-Dreamer 4 for the case...

ASRock Z77 Extreme3

I don't mean to spam, I don't think I'm breaking the rules with posting newegg here, but it has a specs section.
I've done so much research that my heads gonna explode. Basically, when I got to this very simple problem, I've run out of ways to word the question in my search engine. I have no idea where to look to ask this question.

I want to run all of the fans once I install the motherboard.

Will I be missing anything?

*head esplodes* I'll be back together and back to read your responses later. Thanks a ton.

Thanks tardis42, if no one knows whether or not the X-Dreamer 4 comes with a fan splitter or what's going on, or if no one has any recommendations about how I incorporate the power supply (or how many fans I can support) then I'll go ahead and give it to tardis42.
Much appreciated. My headache is alleviating. homegrown brain cures right here at tomshardware.
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    The case may have an integrated fan splitter; mine did, and it only came with three fans. If not, they're pretty cheap and readily available. Search Newegg or wherever for "fan splitter" and you'll find splitters that will let you plug two or three (I've even seen them with five) fans into one header. Just remember that whatever two fans you plug into a header will be receiving the same amount of power, so you won't be able to control them separately.
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