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Hello everyone! I am building my own computer for the first time and I need it to have a lot of storage space for al my games. I am a heavy gamer so I need like 1 or 2 terabytes or memory. SSD is way to expensive for my low budget however, I came across a hybrid drive 4 terabytes for 200 dollars should I take this deal?
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  1. 400 dollars is NOT a good deal from what I've heard.
    Heres what I've found. A 4TB Hybrid drive for $200 :

    Hope this helped! :)
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    With that $400 you can get a 256 GB SSD for ~$130 and 4 TB HDD for ~$150, so the answer from me is no, not worth it at all. I believe their 1 TB version is even more value oriented than the price that you've was like 1 TB Seagate Hybrid for $80-90 or something, that would be a better consideration if anything.

    In addition, Seagate's Hybrid drive doesn't even come close to having the same performance as a regular SSD, they only use that first few GB as cache in order to boost the overall performance feeling. The only reason that I can think of to justify the purchase of those is if you don't have the space and capability to install more than 1 drive, or if you don't like seeing two drive in My Computer.
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