Did I get a good price?

Hello, I just got a galaxy gtx 670 GC for 232 dollars. Is that a good price? Thanks.
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  1. Price on Newegg is $400+. So, yes?
  2. Well yes but I feel like I can get something better for almost the same price? Or no, would this be 230 dollars well spent? Thanks.
  3. You did alright. However; it's a little late to be wondering if you got a good price isn't it?
  4. You got that right lol. But are you sure I did ok? Will I happy with this card? Thanks.
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    Yes, it lands somewhere between a 760 and 770 or close to a 7950. All great cards, you'll be happy. It will max out most games.
  6. Ok well I'm glad I got a good deal! Thanks!
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