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I have a setup at home with an AMD FX6300 6 core processor, 8 gigs of ram, Radeon sapphire 6750 1gb card.. long story short is when I built it, it wasnt lacking in its necessities. Compared to a setup that i use in a computer lab with a much smaller dual core intel celeron setup, it takes a good while for all the applications to startup right after a cold boot. Im curious as to what causes this lathargicism of a beefy processor, whether it be the architecture of AMD or some other reason. If you have a sort of technical explination, it would be appriciated. Thanks.(also i cant find out the rest of the specs if i need to be more specific, but the lab computers are all basically the same)
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  1. You most likely need to defrag and turn down the programs that start up when you boot Windows. The more programs you have starting up = the longer a boot will take.

    If you really want it to feel like day one when you built it, do a re install of Windows and / or add a SSD.

    Edit: Also, you may want to try a virus scan in safe mode (pressing F8 when computer is booting up) as it "could" be viruses slowing it down.
  2. Booting is a disk-intensive task, which means your storage solution is the main part that contributes to performance. If you are just on a HDD, then yes, booting is going to be rather slow. Bloat like registry errors, viruses, fragmented HDD files, temporary files, and too many startup programs can also slow down how fast you could boot.
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    In windows and while performing light tasks like web browsing you don't notice the CPU or GPU performance, you notice the hard drive performance. Any delays in loading applications, hangups when you are opening multiple applications, and the inability to do things right as windows starts are all because your hard drive is busy, you could have an i7 4770k or a celeron, both would show you similar issues when starting windows and launching multiple apps at once.
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