Last and final check for suggestions and opinions for my builds part list, before I buy!

Hey guys I have posted a couple times and have had amazingly helpful results, so I figure I would post (what I think is) my final parts list for a budget build computer for light gaming/general average use. Not looking for computer of the year, but something that will last a while. Everything seems to be good, everything's compatible, and everything has positive reviews. My budget started at $700, and I seemed to have forgotten that. hah But, seriously I need to cap it out.

Any suggestions or concerns about the build (compatibility, how things will fit, etc) please let me know!


Also, I will use my current HDD, monitor/mouse/keyboard, that why there are none listed. Although an SSD sure would be sweet.
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  1. An SSD sure would b sweet - so sweet in fact that I would adjust yo spec t get one.

    Try t Evo 840 120Gb - wit t included software it will b ten times as fast as yo Hd, which u can then use as s storage drive.

    For general use especially, this will hav a tranformative effect on how fast your machine feels in use - I really can't stress this highly enough.

    Even if it means goin wit a cheaper CPU r fit yo budget
  2. I'd second the SSD suggestion. It really makes the experience so much better. As for the windows, do you not have a license lying around from your older computers?
  3. not really. a ssd won't improve nor speed nor performance hugely as long as basic use is concerned.
    at such a low budget I would only go for a ssd if audio/video edit and rendering/modeling is concerned.
    he can add a ssd anytime later so let's not have him mess up the rig.
    as for the build you made is perfect.
    only thing I would do to reduce cost is I would change the psu to a 550/520w quality psu because that is simply enough for 1 gpu (except you want to sli the 760 later and not change psu)
    so for that system a xfx 550w / seasonic s12II-520w or antec hcg 520w would be enough.
    as for sli psu anything of quality 650w or higher will do the best.
    here psus tier list:
  4. I really see the benefit of having an SSD (my friend has one - extremely noticeable difference) but for now I can survive. Hopefully in the next month or 2 I can get one up and running.

    My current PC is a 10 year old computer that a family member had built, so it still runs XP 32 bit, and it is OEM. Hence me seriously needing a new computer :)

    The PSU I had wondered if it was a bit much, but since it's on sale for $69.99 ($10 rebate) I was unable to find a cheaper one, even smaller. I will check this link though (at a glance it looks incredible and thorough!) and see what I can find.

    Thanks for the feedback guys!
  5. np.
    ssd is worth it but not at all to ruin your current build which will lead you to go for worser gpu or mb/cpu..
    you can save a bit and add it anytime.
    I am running 2 rigs one with ssd and another one without and the only place where the ssd shines is in rendering, sculpting and drawing conversion.
    normal use will be reduced by 5-15 seconds maximum.
  6. and if you want a review well made on a specific psu check here:
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