Will this computer sustain for 2-3 years to play all games on high to medium settings?

Games like watch dogs,the division all battlefied,cod and assassin creed series.
my specs-
c2d 2.93 ghz
3gb ram
gtx 650 1 gb(about to buy)
1366*768 monitor
250 watt psu
i dont want to upgrade my graphics card again.pls suggest any good one under 10000 rs so that i can play all upcoming games on atleast medium settings.
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    a 650 won't be able to run of a 250 watt PSU. You will have to upgrade that too if you want to run ANY GPU in your system
  2. Upgrade to at least a 450W PSU and get a 750ti. Unfortunately that card won't play games for 2 years at high settings, probably medium/low although that's all you can get with that budget.
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