which i7 processor is best for me?

Hey everyone, i'm looking to build a new rig and debating which i7 to go with. i do the following:- gaming- video editin - my budget is still up in the air depending on what i lpan to do, so for now let's say no budget.
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  1. No point in going above a 4770K unless you actually make a living of rendering times that your PC has.
  2. No point only considering i7's

    Xeon 1230 v3 performs as good as the i7 4770 at rendering and is a lot less, the 4770k is better and costlier(because the 4770k can overclock whereas the xeon 1230 v3 can't)

    Xeon 1230 v3 has no integrated GPU but you don't need one as you'll have a dedicated one for rendering/gaming and you can buy another motherboard you like h81,b85,h87,q87,z87 whereas the 4770k it's pointless buying it without the z87 mobo as only z87 can overclock.
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    go with a i7-4770K. It fits all your needs and the price of it is generally around $350 here in Canada. in the US I'm guessing around $300-$350
  4. Want to overclock? Get the i7 4770k
    Don't want to overclock? Get the Xeon e3 1230v3

    Simple as that.
  5. thanks all for your responses!

    Novuake, i'm a multimedia developer and photographer/video editor so i think it would suit me pretty good.

    AshyCFC, i will read more into the xeon's. thanks

    Suhrob, yeah the i7-4770K is one of the processors i was looking into. is the 4930k a waste? just wondering

    CTurbo, at the moment, i plan to overclock in the future so maybe i should stick with a processor that will allow me to do that (4770k).

    thanks everyone, 4770k so far is on my list!
  6. "Novuake, i'm a multimedia developer and photographer/video editor so i think it would suit me pretty good."

    I would go with the XEON.
  7. Just remember from a budget perspective(even if there is no budget)

    Xeon + H87 will probably allow you to get a model of GPU 1 or 2 tiers higher than 4770k + Z87 + Cooler

    If you make money off this and want to render like no tomorrow get a 4930K if you can afford it.
  8. JimF_35, how about gaming? is it good for it too?

    AshyCFC, 4930k was something I also looked into. was hoping someone would bring it up and you did. heh, thanks!
  9. by the way the xeon literally performs as good as the 4770k for gaming/rendering just the 4770k can overclock and then oced it performs better than the xeon.
  10. yeah the 4930K is much more expensive, but can deliver better performance in video rendering, in super speed. it also has stunning visuals! Again pricing here in Canada for the 4930K is anywhere from $600-$650 in Conclusion: if you are willing to pay more go ahead and purchase the 4930K but if you do not want to exceed the $400 base price tag then go with the 4770K
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