Can my lap top run Titan fall?

I have a intel inspiron 15 these are the specs
and titan fall requires

Sorry for the bone head question but I am just getting into pc gaming and I rally would love to play this game.
Thank you
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  1. Well no your CPU speed is 1.8Ghz where titan fall requires 2.4ghz, you have enough Ram but you GPU won't even be close to handle Titanfall on the lowest settings.

    Stock integrated graphics will not be able to handle anything like titanfall, bf etc.

    Invest in a gaming rig even a cheap AMD build is enough and only costs £400ish to run at medium settings.
  2. most likely no because of intel graphics. Besides, laptop is not a good platform for games. Limited cooling and cannot upgrade graphics or cpu.
  3. I am going to say no. In comparison, hd 4770 is significantly better Intel 4000. I would say you would need gt 740 on laptop at least to run Titanfall. If you plan on gaming on your laptop, make sure to consider the graphic preformance of card if you plan to upgrade at some point. I am sure people here can point you in the right direction.
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    Your CPU is fine. Due to enhancements is the architecture since core 2 duo it would work fine. Your issue is you have no dedicated graphics card in the laptop and the integrated isn't near good enough. Your laptop is only meant for light media consumption, web browsing, and stuff like Microsoft Word not gaming.

    And no you can not add a graphics card to your laptop
  5. okay cool thanks for the answers , you guys take care.
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