about direct x 12?

I heard direct x 12 is coming to the xbox one which could potentially mean a pc release as well, my question is, my gtx 660 sais that it is on dreict x version 11, if direct x 12 comes out will i be able to download it? is that like an update thing? or are direct x things components built onto the gpu?
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  1. No, it typically requires a hardware change, same way old cards cant use DX11.

    The good news is that consoles wont get it either.
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    DirectX is a Microsoft code for video rendering, sound, and other aspects all tied under 'multimedia' as a competition to JAVA, OpenGl, and other types of 'coding' used for multimedia platforms (games, websites, videos, etc.). Originally it was released as add on then was 'tied into' the OS that you could only get the next 'DX' with a new OS (for example DirectX 9 is the max you can get on XP, Vista was DirectX10, then 7-8 was DirectX11). So to get the new DX you have to upgrade your OS, to use the new code in the new games that used it to get the 'full benefits'.
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