Can I hook up my router to the modem?

I just got Comcast internet with "technicolor tc8305c". I believe this is a router/modem combined so I was wondering if I can buy a new router that has better range because WiFi sucks in my room and connect the new router with an Ethernet port on the back of the techincolor. Will it work? Hope someone can help me as the internet is frustrating as hell in my room.

If you need more info post below and ask me what you need!
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  1. To be honest if your only talking about your bedroom take a look at power line adapters.
  2. A second router in the same place as the first router probably won't provide any better signal than the original.

    If it has to be wireless, what you need is an access point/repeater midway between. Or an ethernet cable. Or possibly a powerline connection.
  3. First, if you think your supplied equipment is substandard or malfunctioning, request a replacement from the provider. But you will probably be better off not paying the "Comcastic" rental fee of what, $7 or so per month, at all and getting your own modem and router. Buy a modem and router of your choosing to try it out. Get it from a place that has a good return policy so if it doesn't solve you problem, you can return it. Because that is just why they have the policy in the first place.
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